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Acura Embedded is an ISO certified Canadian designer and manufacturer of rugged industrial computers, interactive touchscreen products and digital video recorders for use in harsh environments and extreme conditions. These systems are used by commercial businesses and industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining, First Responders, Transportation, Agriculture, Construction, Military and Industrial Automation.

We provide complete and custom systems, personalized for specific requirements. 


Beginning in 1994...

With a vision to address need of rugged computers for use in industrial automation applications and firefighting. Since then, Acura Embedded has positioned itself as a holistic rugged devices designer and manufacturer with an extensive products and solutions portfolio.

Today Acura Embedded produces more than 15 industrial solutions including Panel PCs, Brick PCs, Explosion Proof Cameras, Monitors, and many other products.
Outstanding quality, support and ethics are our standards.

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For the Past Five Years...

Acura Embedded has developed DVR systems and applications to be used as rugged surveillance systems for oil rig manufacturing, trucks, and mining equipment.

Due to the rising demand for rugged panel mount computers for hazardous locations in heavy industries such as Oil & Gas and Mining, panel mount computers for use in Class 1 Division 2, IECEx, ATEX Certified locations have been Designed and Certified internationally.


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