How can a rugged tablet PC overcome industry challenges this year?

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In spite of industry-wide advances in process management, industrialists continue to encounter many challenges in logistics and supply chain operations. Mobile technology – generally a rugged tablet PC – plays a critical role in smoothing the functionality of process management in industries.

By integrating rugged tablet PC, rugged tablet PC in supply chain management, industrialists will not only get solutions easily at their fingertips but also the new opportunities knock at their door. Companies who do not imbibe rugged tablet PC’s would be at major technological disadvantage this year.

Let’s figure out what’s on the horizon and how rugged computers assist you to meet the challenges faced:

1)    CSA 2010.

Smart managers understand that regulations are not going away, so they use tablets to accumulate in real time the requisite data. Then they use this data to enhance the driver productivity, grow training etc.  Indeed a perfect example of lemons-to-lemonade scenario.

2)   Service-based pricing.

To sustain in this highly competitive world, it’s important to cut down costs in spite of increase in fuel and other transportation prices. To keep up the hold, companies have started offering grade pricing based on delivery needs. Customers who are in no hurry can pay less for sluggish service, whereas those who demand overnight delivery can pay a premium price for fast serving.

Companies can enhance their delivery services by incorporating rugged tablets as with their use payment and electronic signature can be taken at the door step. Ruggedized tablet PC makes it all feasible with its  real-time, tailored routing , scheduling and integrating communications and imaging facilities.

3)   Revitalization of rail traffic.

Because of better infrastructure and improved equipment trains are making a comeback in transportation mode as well. With the ongoing truck and driver shortages,boxcars seems a better alternative with improved service.

Ruggedized tablet PCs with RFID contribute in tracking inventories in shipping containers quickly , basically the same thing as a boxcar. Owing to real-time visibility, trains render the same levels of security, traceability as other modes of transportation.

4)   Changes in Shipping Location.

Ruggedized tablet PCs are well designed to handle changes in the location of the shipment. It has already helped to improve visibility into international supply chains.

 5)   Third-party partnerships.

It has been proved that outsourcing increases service levels and quality. The use of logistics service providers (LSPs) helps in cost-cutting, and with the help of a ruggedized tablet PC you and your LSP always remain coordinated.

6)   Freight billing getting obsolete.

With the increase in use of transportation management software with freight bill payment options and with tablet PCs ability to handle payment transactions companies have starting bypasing the old ways of billing. freight bill audit and payment firms could become obsolete as the rotary dial phone if the present trend continues.

To Conclude….

Ruggedized tablets help you to implement new processes and assure that you get the optimum value from them. They prepare you to handle any challenge with improved planning, budgeting, and decision-making.

Although challenges like driver deficits, uncertain trucking capacity, volatile fuel costs, and rising customer demands continue to haunt the industrialists. But the best solution to tackle these situations is real-time visibility and detailed tracking and management applications of rugged tablet PC.

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