Rugged Mobile PC and Cameras

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Acura provides a full range of security surveillance systems. Featuring fanless design and advanced IVA (intelligent video analysis), Acura’s security surveillance solution, assuring system reliability and performance, is best used in fire/emergency rescuers and public security.
Some of Acura’s security surveillance solutions are integrated with power ignition, PoE connection and supported a wide range of DC input and therefore ideal for mobile applications, such as police cars, fire trucks, buses, and ambulance.

Integrated PoE and Intelligent Embedded DVR System

In response to an increased global demand for intelligent surveillance solutions, Acura has introduced PowerBrick series of integrated PoE and intelligent hybrid embedded DVR systems, which provide the perfect solution for security protection. With the Acura all-in-one server board, customers are able to save time and cost as well as fulfill the demands of CCTV and IP surveillance in the marketplace.
Integrated with cutting-edge Intel technology, Acura’s hybrid surveillance system implements advanced intelligent video analysis (IVA)which is capable of handling multiple threads at the same time. For instance, tasks such as flow counting, privacy masking, and missing object detection can rapidly be performed.
The PowerBrick series with built-in Intel® Core i7 processor features a compact and energy-efficient design. Incorporating POE and power ignition technology, the three series eradicates the difficulties associated with providing different power sources to devices such as IP cameras in fire trucks. Embedded with high-quality video/ audio capture chips, PowerBrick series is the best design for security surveillance.

PowerBrick Series Main Features 

  • Industrial-level for PC-based DVR
  • Embedded video decoder chips on the motherboard provide steadier and easier operation
  • Fanless design improves reliability and eliminates systems failure caused by fan breakdown to retain low maintenance cost
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) device connection
  • Hybrid surveillance enrich IVA applications
  • Integrated with power ignition
  • Wide range of DC input from 9V to 36 V for mobile surveillance

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Acura Embedded is an ISO certified Canadian designer and manufacturer of rugged industrial computers, interactive touchscreen products and digital video recorders for use in harsh environments and extreme conditions.

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