Calculating the amount of objects/people passing a predefined line

Alarms when intrusions occur in one or more predefined forbidden zones.

Detects suspicious objects/people passing a predefined line.

AcuVision Surveillance software solution delivers powerful but reliable functions in supporting our PowerBrick CV series, AcuPanel12 and AcuPanel15CV Panel PC seriesproducts. Its function brings multiple video transmission formats into one single interface, including HD-SDI cameras, megapixel IP cameras, and CCTV cameras, without additional hardware costs. More self-developed and patent granted video analytics are continuously added onto the AcuVision platform, including 3D vision based analytics using Acura’s exclusive stereo camera for more accurate analysis results and less false alarms.

AcuVision further offers diverse remote/client programs that enable you to monitor, control, and playback video from a remote computer or mobile devices, such as iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian phones.

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AcuVision‘s Smart Detection function prevents our clients from having to waste time or spreading your staff too thin just to look for a certain section. This Smart Detection helps clients shorten investigation time with three special features:

  • Unique Size Filtering allows users to define the size of a search, thus filtering unnecessary moving objects.
  • Advanced Motion Detection reduces false alarms such as camera noises, weather, camera shakes and the constant cruise of PTZ cameras.
  • Missing and Left Object Detection allows users to fast-forward to scenes where a particular object was left, or started to become missing.

With Advanced Motion Detection, clients are able to adjust sensitivity and noise tolerance, severely reducing false alarms from weather or lighting changes, camera noises, shakes and the contact movements of the PTZ camera. Even with sensitivity adjustment, the Advanced Motion Detection system is still able to see moving objects in poor lighting environments. A unique Size Filtering feature allows users to filter unnecessary moving by defining the size of the targets.

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