Acura’s Mobile Solutions for Taxi and Transportation Businesses


Getting from point A to point B safely and efficiently is a factor that is often taken for granted.  However whether it’s finding a ride to an important meeting, catching a plane, or otherwise, getting the wrong kind of service has the potential to put a serious dent in a person’s travel plans, whatever they may be. 

While public transportation services have been around for a while, like many industries, they too have had to evolve to stay relevant in a world that is growing and increasing in its velocity.  Maintaining relevance in a competitive field like the taxi business is do-able with the right kinds of tools at your disposal. 

Some of Acura Embedded Systems Inc.’s clients know this full well.  Founded in 1994, Acura Embedded has worked for decades to serve people and businesses in a variety of fields.  In 2000, Acura launched its 1st generation of the Powerbrick, where it was used by companies like the West Kelowna Fire Rescue for years before replacing it with the latest model of PowerBrick.  Acura has incredible experience working on software development for surveillance and dispatch. Acura’s focus is on finding out what the customer demands and exceeding those expectations rather than simply creating product for the sake of it. 

In addition to their other achievements, Acura has also created systems specific to Taxi Businesses.  Like Acura’s other rugged computers, these taxi-friendly systems are specifically designed 7” and 10” for a vehicle with a life that lasts twice as long as other tablets.  The high-bright display is easily viewable in bright sunlight with a capacitive technology touchscreen and a 140-178 degree view display for drivers.  The wide range power input 9-36V DC input and power-save design and backup battery ensure an efficient use of power with a long-lasting machine.  The superior ergonomics and mounting options allow for a safe and healthy environment.  The machine’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures, resist heat, moisture, and vibration is essential for every taxi system.  Furthermore, the cost of this system is a huge plus.  Acura provides significant savings due to a unique product upgrade, and various connectors for easy connections. 

Acura Embedded Systems Inc is TaxiCaller’s authorized distributor. TaxiCaller was founded in 2010 by Swedish engineers who developed a world leading fleet dispatch system, engineered with Sweden’s high quality standards.  TaxiCaller is a reliable tool for hundreds of taxi fleets throughout the world.  It also offers continuous updates in the latest technology for both web-based solutions and for smart devices; both Android and iOS.  

This complete dispatch solution includes: no installation needed, full backup of ALL data, scalable system to suit your needs, an extremely reliable and stable system with an uptime of above 99.97%, all data is mirrored to several slave databases with real-time changes, complete and unlimited access to your data, and the system is always running the latest version. 

Acura’s in depth dispatch features are multifaceted.  The Zones & plots feature divides the pickup area into zones or plots to determine automatic assignment priority and it creates assignment chains.  The Tariffs & rates feature creates different price categories based on time and day of the week.  The GPS tracking feature includes a driver app that allows you to track your vehicles on the map using the GPS of the device.  Finally the Auto completion of addresses enables you to quickly and simply book a new job.

The Driver APP contains additions that truly complete the system.  The In-app navigation uses the GPS of tablet.  The app provides in-app street mapping/directions navigation to the pickup location as well as the drop off location, while the Mobile dispatching feature allows you to take your dispatching on the go.  For the times when there is no dispatcher on duty, it allows certain drivers the ability to dispatch directly from the app.  Finally, the alarm button provides the peace of mind that should an emergency occur, the taxi driver has a way of calling for help.  This feature lets the driver alert the dispatch central in the event that the driver is being threatened.

Acura’s various systems work synergistically to ensure that those in public transportation have all of the tools necessary for the most successful experience.  Whether you are looking for a rugged solution relating to transportation or another field such as energy, oil and gas, and/or mining, please contact one of our sales representatives today to learn more!

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