Avoid Off-Shore Disasters with this Rugged Solution

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Rugged environments range from having a variety of characteristics in diverse locations all over the world.  These dramatically different settings each have their own unique attributes that set them apart; however, they have the comparable ability to cause major damage to any equipment being utilized in their respective locations, if the right precautions are not taken. 

While an off-shore location is vastly dissimilar to a desert or a mountainous setting, each area has its own challenges that one must contend with and be resilient in the face of, to successfully conduct any kind of profitable and effective business in that place.  Disasters can and do occur in these volatile rugged workplaces, but the likelihood of them happening can be dramatically reduced and prevented altogether when you are using the right kind of equipment. 

Oil rigs are considered to be particularly volatile work sites, known for their dangerous potential if something should go wrong.  That is why it is more important than ever to make sure you are using the best quality equipment available—equipment that has passed rigorous testing to ensure that things do not go wrong in the first place, let alone escalate into a bigger problem.  Acura Embedded Systems Inc. creates rugged solutions to meet the needs of off-shore oil operations to ensure that these locations remain safe and profitable under all circumstances. 

A quality computer like the AcuPanel 15 can mean the difference between success and failure, particularly in places where the stakes are especially high.  Equipped with a high tech low power and true fanless thermal solution, the AcuPanel15 HB is both energy efficient and fire safe.  With memory up to 16(i5)/8GB, this incredible computer will store all of the information you need to accumulate.  The LCD has an integrated P-Cap multi-touch screen that carries a 1024 X 768 (XGA) resolution with 1000-nit brightness, completely supported by LED backlight technology.  Night or day, storm or sun, your AcuPanel15 will consistently operate at an optimal level, enabling you to see your screen in every kind of lighting.

Currently undergoing C1D2 testing, the AcuPanel 15 is included among the highest caliber of rugged panel pcs.  This certification—only obtained through rigorous testing—ensures that the heavy duty devices that pass this tough level of testing will be able to operate in tough conditions while not causing damage to workers and other equipment alike.  Regarded to be one of the toughest certifications to acquire, equipment labelled C1D2 can be trusted to get the job in under nearly any circumstances.

Without equipment rising to meet these strict standards, a small problem could exacerbate, quickly becoming a large one.  For example, if a fire occurred, it would be critical to its containment that it be easily put out without spreading further.  A monitor or computer that combusts in a situation like this would be detrimental to the safety of the operation.  Fortunately, the AcuPanel 15 is equipped with the capabilities to avoid scenarios like this.  Glitches or unexpected circumstances can occur in any environment, the key to avoiding disaster usually lies within one’s ability to contain and diffuse a problem.  The AcuPanel 15 contributes to doing just that.

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