The Ideal Surveillance System for Cargo Trains and beyond

Powerbrick 6.0acubrite15 (2)AP17V3-Front-with-LOGOSAcuHawk EX PTZ960P


Getting a cargo train safely from point A to point B is not as simple as it might seem.  Long journeys through rugged terrain and less than kind weather conditions complicates what would otherwise seem like a no-brainer. 

Fortunately, Acura Embedded Systems Inc. has you covered.  With the rigors of a cargo train’s journey in mind, Acura Embedded has an array of rugged solutions specifically designed to work synergistically to ensure safe passage for even the toughest routes.

The PowerBrick 6.0 is the ideal computing solution for tough environments.  Its ability to function in extreme temperatures, wireless capabilities, and battery backup features all contribute to its superior capabilities.  Its features include Fast Intel Generation4Core i5 processor, Wireless Support LTE, 4G with SIM card, WLAN, and GPS.  Furthermore, the Wide 9-36V DC power input for variety vehicle, Dual 2.5” Removable Hot Swappable Storage with RAID, Built-in UPS, automatic recovery short circuit protection, -40C-70C wide range operating temperature, and Built-in mobile DVR (Digital Video Recorder, optional) make this heavy duty machine a winner.

The PowerBrick Ultra Plus is a powerful intel core i5 CPU rugged mobile PC.  Its features include Fast Intel Gen4 Core i5 CPU, Dual Display Output (DVI-I and HDMI), Support WiFi & BT Wireless, Dual Gigabit Ethernet & 5 X RS-232/485, Wide Range Operating Temp (-20-60C), Compact Size & Fanless DC 12V Power Input, and Support Embedded OS (Win 8/7 Pro). 

The AcuHawk EX is an ideal camera with Integrated Plug/Play PTZ Camera Systems, 360 Degree Motorized Pan Rotation, Tilt Range of +90 Degrees to -90 Degrees with No Blind Spots, Extreme Weather -30C to 70C IP66 Sealed, 304 Electro-polished Stainless Steel, High Resolution 20X Day/Night Zoom Camera, Intrinsically Safe and ATEX Certified, Support AcuVision Mobile Surveillance and Internet Browsers-IE, Chrome and Firefox, Dual Stream H.264/MJPEG Compression, and Support Multiple Network Protocols.  

The Stainless Steel Housing for the AcuHawk 23 provides additional protection for this incredible device.  Also the IR visible distance is from 30 to 100 meters. 

The AcuTouch15 has a Solid Al Chassis for Tough Environments.  Its features include a High contrast 15” TFT LCD Display, Solid Aluminum Die-casting chassis, Resistive Touch Screen, and VGA/USB input, 8-30V DC wide range power input. 

Used in combination with effective cables and power box, this system works to run effectively in every circumstance.  Ideally, BNC Cables should correspond with the AcuHawk 23 Analogue Camera, 18 Gauge Power Cables for both the AcuHawk 22 and AcuHawk 23 Cameras, and the CAT5e Network Cables for the AcuHawk22 IP Camera. 

Whether you require computing systems for a similar workplace or another kind of rugged environment such as oil and gas, directional drilling, MWD, offshore drilling, Fracking, mining, and much more—Acura has the right rugged solution for you.  Please contact one of our sales experts today to discover which Acura solution is right for you today!

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