Why the AcuPanel15HB is Ideal for Military Missions



The AcuPanel15HB is an ideal rugged computing system for army and military use.  The army is a difficult field to work in under virtually all circumstances.  Nearly every military setting is fraught with challenges in addition to the difficult terrain that varies in different locations.  Whether the setting is a training environment or out on location on a military mission, the conditions are usually very rough with a tendency to be more volatile than not.  Not only are lives on the line, but conditions like weather and changing seasons, rugged landscapes, and potentially opposing forces all contribute to the challenges faced in those places, challenges faced by people and by their equipment. 




Harsh environments like this require that militaries use a higher level of ruggedness in their technology to ensure that their operations remain safe and effective under all circumstances.  The AcuPanel15HB is a robust rugged computing system that is well suited for military service.  Able to withstand the extremes of noise, shock, and vibrations, this computer is definitive of rugged technology.  It is complete with enhanced light/dark readability needed for onboard digital avionics and navigation systems in both daylight and while wearing night vision goggles.  It also offers protection against dirt and dust, oxidation, and other environmental damage. 

The AcuPanel15HB is a 15” fanless touch screen panel PC powered by the Intel ® 6th Gen Core i5 6200U/Celeron J1900 Quad Core.  It also possesses a memory of up to 16(i5)/8GB and a water proof display with a DVI/VGA port.  It also has a screen with LCD high brightness of 1000 cd/m2, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, a viewing angle of -80~+80 Degree (H), -60~+80 Degree (V), and a resolution of 1024 (W) X 768 (H).  Its touch panel is a P-cap multi touch system. 




The heavy-duty stainless steel connectors guarantee long term durability while the 1000 Nits Sunlight Readable Touch Screen enables the user to comfortably view the computer screen in spite of possible dust or bright background lighting.  Very bright outdoor lighting obscures most computer screens, making it impossible to view in that context.  The AcuPanel15 HB has solved this common issue so that you will be able to comfortably see your computer screen in every kind of environment. 

This wireless rugged computer is also able to operate at extreme temperatures between -40C and 60C.  it can also withstand humidity levels of =<95% RH.  It has a chassis protection of IP65/NEMA4X that acts to shield the computer from outside interference.  Its FCC, CE, and IP65 certifications are proof that the AcuPanel15HB is the right computer to serve in the toughest of military conditions, making it both meet and exceed army standards. 




Acura Embedded has over 20 years of experience in this field and our products truly speak for themselves.  With the highest industry standard in terms of quality and customer care (both before and after purchase), as well as fair, competitive pricing, there is no reason you should not begin using the AcuPanel15HB or a similar product that is right for you today. 

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