Acura DVR Series

DVR with mobile surveillance systems offers a wide application of military, marine, petroleum and industrial automation. Acura DVR series is specifically designed for rugged and dangerous environments based on strong IP66,IP67, and Location 1/ Division 2 standard.

PowerBrick 6.0

Rugged Mobile Surveillance System
  • With all the benefits of PowerBrick 6.0
  • Built-in four DVR channels
  • video recording capabilities based on CCTV and IP network camera
  • Pre-installed surveillance software used for HAZMAT and security on scene monitoring

RoughNeck 15

  • 15-inch touchscreen and Aluminium Body
  • 4-channel DVR and IP input
  • HAZLOC class 1 /Div 2 and IP65 certificated
  • Pre-installed DVR surveillance system
  • Operating temperature from- 30 to 60C

AcuPanel 12CV

  • 12-inch touch screen with 4-channels DVR
  • Pre-installed DVR surveillance
  • HAZLOC class 1 /Divison 2 and IP67 waterproof
  • Operating temperature from-40 to 65 C degree