Rugged tablets, mounted PCs and monitors designed for law enforcement and  emergencyvehicles. Lightweight, high-bright screens, and certified to operate in harsh conditions.

Police Workforce

Manage your police force in the field with rugged tablets compatible with many features that will help your team stay safe and informed. Your citations and on-scene reports will become easier, quicker, and remain secure. In bad weather or harsh conditions, wearing gloves or using a pen will not impact the use of our tablets and in-vehicle monitors. With detachable keyboards, multi-camera DVR systems, and vehicle-mounted tablets, keep your information secure and active while in the field.

Fire Fighters

We offer the best technology of Industrial Tablets and command center units to help our heroes do their best in rescue operations. Pre-plans, route mapping, and fast communication connections with your command center and tablets in the field, keep your team informed and safe while on the front lines.