Fire Fighters

Our heroes deserve the best technology to help their teams be more safe, precise and efficient. Let our rugged tablets and mounted PCS and monitors help your teams do even more.

Work in Any Environment

Safety is not a game, and when lives are in danger, your tools shouldn’t be either. Acura Embedded offers top of the line mounted computers and rugged tablets that can resist drops, extreme weather from -30C to 65C temperatures while providing high brightness, hot-swappable batteries, and vehicle mounts.
Coupled with a 3-year full coverage warranty, Acura Embedded is committed to providing you with the best products and services available in the market.

Optimize Your Vehicle

Create a mobile command center right in the field, with both DVR/HUB Camera and Mobile Wi-Fi systems as well as vehicle docking for rugged tablets. Give your team the most advanced hardware and software with integrated 4G/LTE WWAN, GPS, RFID readers. Transport materials, plan routes and communicate and coordinate via mobile command radio transmissions with the operation site and your team.

Organize Your Team

Keep your team connected and well informed, with multiple streams of connectivity, so your team can have updated information on hand in dynamic and changing environments. From forest fires to search and rescue missions, our rugged tablets and computer systems will wirelessly keep your team informed to stay safe.

Secure and Safe

Our tablets integrate a confidential data security system that keeps information secure with multi-factor authentication, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0, and fingerprint or smartcard readers. Your team will be safer using the technology, and your data will be more secure than ever.