Acura Embedded Systems has been helping fire departments protect their communities since 1994 and manufactures quality computers, touch screen monitors, and accessories specifically for the Fire & Rescue industry. The PowerBrick system is designed to resist the three things that kill computers: heat, moisture, and vibration, all of which are present on a consistent basis in the Fire Fighting industry. We have achieved this level of durability by reducing the number of moving parts in our computers and adding innovative elements to the design of the hardware. For example, the PowerBrick’s rugged aluminum case is designed as a heat sink to reduce the possibility of overheating, while the hard drive sits on four floating pins that protect it from vibration damage. However, should any part of your system malfunction, we have you covered with our industry leading 3-year standard warranty.

We recognize that fighting fires, medical emergency, and police services are the toughest jobs in the world, requiring equipment that is equally tough. Acura Embedded Systems has extensive experience working with fire departments to create mobile data terminal solutions that meet their specific needs. From our high-performance mobile computers to our rugged touch screen monitors, Acura Embedded Systems will find a solution that works for you.


All of the PowerBrick’s industrial grade components are state-of-the-art and high performance. From the Intel Gen 6 Core – i7 processors that process massive amounts of data to the optional Intel video board that supplies four-channel digital video recording, the PowerBrick 6.0 system is the ultimate mobile data terminal for fire departments of any size. Since our systems are of modular design, unlike ruggedized laptops, you have the option of customizing the components of your MDT. You get to choose the type and size of your touch screen monitor, a mounting solution designed for your apparatus, and the special features you want your computer to have.

Our systems are also manufactured to be completely upgradeable. For example, when your processor needs to be upgraded, all you have to do is send the computer back to us and we can upgrade it for a cost that is a fraction of the cost of the entire unit; something that you could not do with a ruggedized laptop. This saves your department money over time and ensures you have a functioning MDT for the life of your apparatus.

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