Industrial Grade Panel and Brick PCs

Indutrial Grade Panel PC | Acura Embedded Systems

Acura Embedded Systems offers a wide range of industrial grade panel PC solutions for factory automation and manufacturing industries. We design and manufacture an array of rugged mobile computers and touch screen monitors which are used by not only commercial businesses but heavy industries as well. Our industrial computers are designed to be used in harsh conditions in the manufacturing industries. Acura Embedded Systems has designed industrial automation systems that perform efficiently and last longer in both fixed and mobile environments. Our industrial grade panel PC offer the following benefits:

An Industrial Grade Panel PC Improves Overall Productivity

Today, most of the factories face the challenge of low productivity due to the lack of advanced technology that integrates all operations. Acura Embedded Systems offers industrial computers which are designed to integrate factory floors and enterprise applications by leveraging Ethernet-based technology. This results in greater production and increased productivity.

Industrial Automation Systems Offer Better Quality

By providing real-time and accurate information, industrial computer systems are able to help staff make better decisions and improve efficiency as well as the quality of production. We provide the advanced industrial automation systems to our clients that help them control various operations and meet the increasing demands of their customers.

An Industrial Grade Panel PC Reduces Downtime

In this Internet Age, the most critical element of success is timely information. The information that is not available in real-time becomes stale and unimportant. If your system is down for even a few minutes, you might lose your loyal customers due to lack of timely information. Therefore, it is important that you invest in industrial computers that are highly efficient and perform even in the harshest conditions. Our Industrial PCs can withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, moisture etc. Therefore, your system will be up and running without any downtime.

Industrial Computer Systems Provide Safety of Data

Most organizations suffer huge losses due to the increased number of computer crashes and alarmingly high rate of file corruption. These losses can be avoided by investing in a reliable computing solution designed for industrial environments. Acura Embedded Systems has designed a powerful industrial computer called The PowerBrick Mini, which comes with a solid state drive offering extra safety of data. It can be used as a PLC host, a controller, a mobile data terminal, and as remote access to a server from a vehicle in the field. This powerful industrial PC has an exceptional computing speed and is durable for almost for any industrial operation. The system performs reliably in extreme environments from cold to hot weather, as well as dusty to extremely vibrating conditions. Due to its compact size, this industrial computer can be used in most industrial applications.

Customized Solutions for Industrial Applications

Acura Embedded Systems is your complete solution provider. So, apart from the standard product, you can order customized solutions according to your business needs. Whether you have a need for fixed mount computers or mobile computers, there is a wide range of industrial automation systems available. Depending on the application, customers can choose the type and size of the touch screen monitor, the mounting solutions designed for the industrial computer systems, and the additional features demanded by them.

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