Industrial PC market trend

Like other markets, the Industrial PC market experiences ups and downs in the past few years, especially due to the impact of exchange rate fluctuations in 2020 global industry trends, such as industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial 4.0 will lead to increased demand. The different concepts of digitalization have several characteristics in common. Such a concept offers promise to increase production flexibility. Furthermore, the increase from the data requirements for plant floors may be upgraded to a demand for IPC analysis and data transfer.

The industrial PC market is expected to regain momentum, according to a new report IHS. See on the market in 2015 grew by 4.2%, but is expected to accelerate to 5.8% in 2016, while in 2019 the largest part of the revenues from the industrial PC market a tablet more than 6%, but by the largest embedded computer composition units shipped in the 2015 segment.

The largest regional free IPCs is 37.2% or $ 1.25 billion revenues in Europe, Middle East, and African markets in Asia in 2015 was 35.7% and $ 1.2 billion in revenue followed. IHS expects China’s economic growth slowdown IPC space exists, but India is the fastest growing market in public institutions, and will continue to be in Southeast Asia 2019 also saw high growth, resulting in 6.3% Asia-Pacific region from 2014 2019 transportation and infrastructure constitute the largest non-industrial market is IPC, is expected to see a 9.6% revenue CAGR in the same period. This market is expected to continue to be strong in China, India, and other emerging economies.

The specialized computer market continues to be important. Due to the general decline in PC sales, many manufacturers have turned towards specialized computer systems. The gaming PC segment has been successful in the IPC market, although it is not like in other fields, such as medicine and transportation, and infrastructure as large. High performance and special machines are likely to become increasingly important to the personal computer market.