Military vehicles need to have instant access to the critical information, necessary for soldiers to protect and serve while maintaining efficiency and civilian safety. Acura Embedded provides integrated surveillance and DVR systems, allowing for military personnel to have a continuous and reliable view of the field.

Acura Embedded manufactures military grade computers, dust, water and explosion proof with sunlight readable screens and powerful processors.

Our products built specifically for use in military vehicles that provide benefits over the conventional Toughbook solution. This is because Acura Embedded Systems does not deal with simple off-the-shelf products, but full-service solutions that include installation training and support beyond the initial sale. Systems like the PowerBrick 6.0 and the AcuPanel 15, with their modular design means that the CPU can be trunk mounted out of harm’s way, while our sunlight readable LED touchscreen monitors can be easily custom mounted in any vehicle, regardless of size. We also work closely with mount manufacturers to ensure that their consoles and mounts will support our products.


In addition to military grade computers and monitors, Acura Embedded Systems provides many accessories and options that our customers can use. TheseĀ  include video recording, cameras, solid state drives, and dual video systems. We are also working on integrating new technologies into our solution such as license plate recognition (LPR) and geographic information systems (GIS) through aggressive research and development.

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