Our solutions are built to maximize 

mine-operating efficiency and productivity

by automating certain of your tasks


Measurement And Control

Control Room and Field Integrated

Protect your Mining Field

All Trucks Connected

Reduce Exploration Cost & Time

After knowing the exact GPS location of your extraction points, our computers, connected to some sensors on your excavator, give you the exact location where to dig without wasting more time. The excavator’s operator gets to see on a Panel computer installed inside his cabin all data he needs for site exploitation: GPS locations, Payload monitoring, particle size analysis, and many other options.

Remote-Controlled Excavator

In hard situations like bad weather, minimum operational staff, or even in critical times like Covid-19 periods, excavators and mining vehicles nowadays can be distance-controlled without any massive human presence on site.

Missing Tooth Detection

By installing our computers with connected sensors, you get to know if a bucket tooth is missing before it creates a problem inside the grounding machine. Knowing that it’s one of the hardest situations you can have, Acura Embedded integrates a measurement system to minimize your unplanned downtime and productivity losses.

Tooth Wear Detection

You can optimize your tooth change-out intervals by monitoring your bucket teeth and detect tooth wear as soon as it happens. Our computers are able to be equipped with any of your mining software to instantly measure your tooth line and tooth length and prepare any tooth-replacement if required.

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