Networked Vehicles

With Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) and vehicle-mounted touchscreen computers, keep track of every vehicle in the mining field and have them all interconnected by Wi-Fi and/or 4G/LTE.

Collision Avoidance Technology

Install computers with sensors to perform a Proximity Detection System around your haul trucks which allows you to avoid collisions, human accidents, and many more incidents.
Our DVR package comes with 4 channel cameras to allow you see your both sides, back and front of your haul trucks and mining vehicles.

Autonomous Mining Trucks

Boost your productivity and improve your efficiency by making your haul trucks autonomous. This will allow you to reduce the cost of human transportation in and out and mining sites, reduce time after explosions to not wait for air and gases to clear out, and will also allow you to reduce energy costs.

Wireless Connectivity​

To enable the next level of automation and achieve full remote control of mining vehicles, providing wireless connectivity while working away without networks is a must today. This doesn’t allow you only to connect via 4g/LTE, Wi-Fi, or 900 MHz Radio, but it’s the perfect solution to manage remotely highly complex tasks sometimes without wasting your time.