Surveillance Solution

Keep your mining field safe and secure without the need for large fences, using our smart surveillance technology AcuVision to spot smoke, flame, fire, movement, and create a “Virtual Fence’ and “Safety Zone” to alert security instantly during incursions or emergencies.

Haul Truck Surveillance

Keep an eye on what is happening around your haul truck, behind and even inside the driver’s cabin. Our DVR system comes with many features such as GPS location, driver’s habit, 5 cameras installed (right side, left side, front and back, and inside the cabin). We have installed this surveillance system on 250 Lafarge trucks in Canada to avoid daily incidents.

Vehicles and Field Monitoring

By integrating our AcuVision Intelligent Surveillance System into our computers, you can install our explosion-proof cameras on your site and/or on your mining vehicles to improve the speed and accuracy of decision making for a higher level of operational efficiency.

Mining Excavator Surveillance

Complete your security system by monitoring inside and outside of your mining vehicles.
Excavator operators can also integrate our surveillance systems and in-vehicle Panel PCs to perform their work safely. This surveillance data is wirelessly received by supervisors in their control rooms or offices.