Build your Mini PC

We are the #1 North American manufacturer of certified industrial computers for harsh environments.

Choose your processor

Each can be configured with the Intel Celeron, i5 or i7 processor and offers unprecedented levels of performance. 


This powerful Mini PC is fanless and can be used in the most extreme and harsh environments. 

Small yet powerful

Our Mini PCs are small in size,
but powerful in performance.

Choose everything

The Mini PC is fully customizable
to fit your project’s needs.

Made in Canada

Acura is a proudly Canadian company that focuses on creating premium products to suit every need of companies from various industries.

Excellence guaranteed

Acura offers 3 Years Warranty with every purchase or a Free 30 Days Trial if you wish to see it for yourself.

Certified all around

Approved and certified in ROHS, CE and
 FCC / ISO  which are used by most industries.