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Intel Inside

Different from other companies, we employ only the highest-quality components in our industrial fanless computers. Acura Embedded Systems is Intel’s partner; we offer Celeron, i3, i5, and i7 processors for great performance in any setting. 


Customize Everything

Let’s build the perfect mini computer together. We can add your company’s board, adapt for your software, add a variety of different ports and many more customizable options. Talk with our team today and let’s work to create your perfect Mini PC.



Chassis Sizes



Small Size, Big Features

We know special projects are unique, that’s why we innovate and let our clients customize the type and quantity of connectors, buttons and ports for their specific needs.


Removable Drive

Graphics Card


Fanless Computer

Our fanless PCs are amazing in dusty environments as there are not many ways the dust can go inside, this guarantees that the system remains mostly dust free. Fanless computers work great in electromagnetic environments such as power stations, railways and metros, oil and gas, and mining. Due to dust control, fanless PCs are inherently reliable and are specifically designed to run 24×7 for years on end. 


Modern Connectivity

Our Embedded Systems are built with the latest technology available to integrate your devices the way you need. You can select the connectivity you need, and we are going to build the perfect Panel PC for your needs.


4G / 5G LTE




Premium Quality that Last

Our fanless Mini PCs are made in Canada, only with premium components. We have an ISO-certified process to make sure that all systems are delivered with the maximum performance to last in harsh environments.

Made in Canada

Can work in -40°C to +60°C


Extra Safety

With our exclusively offered AcuLock, you can protect your Mini PC from any threats or mistakes. We can customize and lock your fanless pc to load only needed applications. This can help avoid security problems as well as aid in easy system recovery.

Auto Recovery System

Add your Logo into Bios

your OS

Frequently Asked Questions

Fanless Mini PCs are inherently reliable and are specifically designed to run 24×7 for years on end. When you see a 5-Year Warranty (as we offer to our customer), you can deduce that the life of the product is at least expected to be that long. They are also amazing in dusty environments as there are not many ways the dust can go inside and the system always remains mostly dust free which is a big pro when looking at normal laptops which can get dusty.

Our Mini Computers are fully customizable to fit our clients projects. You can select many options to customize your next industrial mini pc: chassis size, ports, cpu, memory, ssd, operational system, and much more. Also, you can add great features, such as: adding your logo in the bios and/or in the chassis. Add a Raid system, to keep your fanless pc working all the time.
Talk with our team today, and we will be glad to help you customize the perfect mini computer for your needs.

Our Industrial Mini PCs are compatible with all software. You are free to choose your Operational System, such as: Windows or Linux. Also, before buying, our engineers can run your software and show you before your purchase.

The biggest difference between our company, is the quality. While other companies prefers to use cheap parts, we praise for our quality. We believe in our product, and we trust that is the best in the market. That’s why we offer a Free 30 Days Trial, so you can check the quality and reliability of our product. Another point that make us unbeatable is that we have all parts on stock, and we can ship faster to your location than any Asian manufacturers.

We work with so many system integrators, that are using our industrial computers to add their solution, and sell in the market. We know how competitive this market is, and we have a dedicated department to work with our partners. If you are interested to know more, lets get in touch to show you all that Acura can do for your company. 

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