Control Room Solutions

Manage your teams in the field from the safety of the control room with top of the line Panel PCs, Monitoring Systems and long range connectivity.

For drilling

Control Room Solutions

Panel PCs with great resolution

Solutions for safety

Powerfull and small

More Visibility and Workspace

Powerful systems and huge screen space, provide the most information in a compact and versatile package , with no need for excess keyboards and cables. With screen options up to 22″ that are just plug and play, save time and money on installs and operations by using just the power connector to connect to your operation site.

Multiple Connections

Integrated with 900 Mhz radio receivers, WiFi, 4G/LTE and much more for multiple streams of connectivity and redundancy with work zone systems. Stay connected regardless of the environment or situation.

Better than a Laptop

Replace your laptops with a fully integrated industrial system, no need for excess wires and extra components, everything is included in just one package.  The Panel PC is more reliable with larger multi touchscreens, wall mountable, and vibration proof. Run any software or operating system and save time and money during transportation and maintenance.  

Custom Sizes and Needs

We are not offering just a product but also a solution. You can customize the size of the screen, how powerful the system needs to be, the required connectivity and much more. Sit down with our engineering team and let’s create the perfect solution for your needs, together.

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