HAZLOC PC in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry

Acura Embedded Systems extends the benefits of advanced technology in tough and dangerous environments such as oil, gas, and petrochemical resource industries. Our products are well-tested and ensure better efficiency in diverse conditions. Our systems are widely popular with North American agencies for providing reliable performance with exceptional quality. These products and systems offer unlimited benefits which a conventional rugged computer does not provide.

Instant Access to Information

We have designed advanced mobile computing solutions that provide instant access to the critical information. This is extremely important for heavy equipment operators, to work in their settings efficiently and ensure their safety. The timely information and access to data in the mobile environment not only improves the efficiency of the equipment operator, but can also save time of maintenance officer as well.

Protection from Harsh Conditions

As a heavy equipment operator, you face many challenges, one of them being the lack of advanced rugged computer. Most conventional rugged computers cannot withstand shock and vibration in a moving vehicle. Our mobile computing solutions are highly efficient and are built to perform in uneven and rough conditions which can provide shocks, vibrations, dust, and moisture to the computer. These mobile computing solutions are also resistant to extremely hot and cold tempreatures.

Mobile Applications

Remote controlled officers need to process a large amount of data at a given point in time. We offer a wide range of rugged computers designed for mobile data collection. Our Mobile Data Terminals can process an assortment of data with Intel generation 3 processors.  High-Efficient mobile data terminals also feature optional DVR video boards that supply four-channel digital video recording.  We create rugged mobile computers with fewer moving parts and innovative design elements suiting the need for vehicles, vessels, helicopters, and even for the use in emergency operations.

Customized Solutions

Acura Embedded Systems offers many accessories and customizable options to tailor a product specifically to our customer’s needs. The options include; video recording, cameras, solid state drives, and dual video systems. Our sunlight readable LED touchscreen monitors can be easily custom mounted in any vehicle regardless of size.We also offer high quality and durable computers that are meant to last longer and perform better in on-road conditions. In addition to that, we also offer low-cost upgrades for all your systems.

Advanced Research and Development

Acura Embedded Systems is investing towards research and development, to provide better solutions to resource agencies. Currently, we are working on integrating geographic information systems (GIS) with our mobile computing terminals.

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