RMA Warranty

RMA Warranty:

To request RMA Warranty support, please follow the steps listed below:


   ** Download and save the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Form: [Click to Download RMA Form]

**For International RMA requests, please contact your local distributor.
        1. Open the RMA form in Adobe Reader* and complete all sections of the form – except for the RMA# and WHO# sections.
        2. Email the completed form to: rma@acuraembedded.com.
        3. The completed form will be verified and given an RMA number. The form will then be sent to our repair centre and a copy will be sent back to you.
        4. Please ship your product using your local courier – with insurance added – to the correct address listed in Shipping Address Page

* If you do not have Adobe Reader, please download it here.

Shipping Information

        • AES will not accept COD shipments.
        • AES will pay the standard ground delivery charges for returning your product following repair/replacement.
        • Return freight charges will apply to out of warranty repairs.
        • Products which require service not covered by the warranty will result in notification to the customer prior to any action.
        • For Transportation charges: Mark the carrier Bill of lading as “prepaid” or Bill Sender

Shipping Address



UNIT# 101-17825 64th Avenue

SURREY, BC, Canada V3S 1Z3

TEL: (604) 502-9666 Fax: (604) 502-9668

Suggested Shipping Instructions:

  • For payment of Duties/Taxes: Mark the carrier Bill of Lading or Airbill as Bill “Sender”
  • All RMA shipments must be accompanied by a PO# or Commercial Invoice.
  • USA Customer shipping to Surrey: Commercial Invoice must contain the following statement
  • “Defective Parts being returned for repair or replacement.”
  • Commercial Invoice must reference the following: