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Vehicle Mounted Computer For Transportation Industry

Acura Embedded Systems is a leading name in the field of Rugged Computers, Mobile Data Terminals, and rugged Vehicle Modems that are designed specifically to meet the diverse needs of the transportation industry. Our advanced vehicle-mounted computer solutions serve the clients who are looking for state-of-art vehicle-mount computers that not only manage data communication within vehicles but also withstand the harshest environment. The innovative design and high-quality components coupled with the latest technology has made our computers high performing devices used in various mobile applications.

We have an array of high-quality rugged computers that are used in taxis as well as a variety of commercial vehicles and are designed for both indoor and high-performance outdoor operations. Vehicle-mounted computers are built to perform efficiently even in extreme environments and sustain heat, moisture, vibration, shocks as well as extreme cold weather. For commercial vehicles that provide passenger services to long-distance travelers to the fleet of trucks requiring mobile data collection, Acura Embedded Systems have a wide range of computers designed for navigational purpose as digital maps, mounted computers, directional maps etc. Our computers offer the following benefits.

A Vehicle Mount Computer deliver High Performance

Acura Embedded Systems is providing highly efficient and better services to long distance passengers. By using our vehicle-mount computers, many shipping trucks have improved their real-time communications which have led to efficient dispatch operations and better route planning. Logistics and transportation have got a boost with advanced shipment tracking. Our vehicle mounted computers offer greater efficiency in various applications of the transportation industry at all levels. Our smart and innovative solutions have helped our clients to become responsive and deliver exceptional performance without any damage.

Mobile Data Terminal Computers come with In-Vehicle Digital Support

Our vehicle-mounted computers allow vehicle maneuvering and security during transportation. We offer digital maps which are satellite supported and ensure efficient transportation for both goods and public transport sector. For those who are long-distance travelers and are looking for digital support throughout their long journey, Acura Embedded Systems offers high back-up and guaranteed digital support every mile of your journey.

A Vehicle Mounted Computer Offers Complete Entertainment

For those who are on a pleasure trip and are looking for some entertainment while transiting through the long journey, Acura Embedded Systems has designed an MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) that offers complete entertainment. Apart from regular entertainment in the form of videos, TV, our vehicle-mount computers also offer emergency call facilities during mishaps etc. So, our clients get an extra layer of security and can travel without worry.

Cost Saving Vehicle Mounted Mobile Data Terminal

Acura Embedded Systems provide huge cost savings to its clients by offering them mobile computing solutions that can be customized according to their operational needs and budget. We also offer high quality and durable Mobile Data Terminals that are meant to last longer and perform better from sub-zero to extremely hot conditions. In addition to that, we offer a low-cost upgrades for your systems. Clients looking for affordable and advanced MDTs and rugged mobile Modems suited for rugged environments and built to perform under pressure, contact us today.

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