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How Industrial Computers Can Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Processes

Informational / industrial computer How Industrial Computers Can Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Processes Are you tired of slow and inefficient manufacturing processes? Do you want to increase productivity and reduce costs while ensuring safety and security in your operations? Look no further than industrial computers. These powerful tools are specifically designed for use in the manufacturing […]


The monitors whose frame is entirely designed in stainless steel are particularly suitable for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical or Medical sectors. Indeed, these monitors offer a very high resistance to corrosion to water jets, oil and dust. The FULL IP65 design on 6 sides prevents condensation between the screen and the panel, which extends the […]

Industrial PC: The Complete Guide to Industrial Computers

If you work in an industrial production line or in automation 4.0, or if you are a machinery manufacturer, you will already know what an industrial PC is. You are probably already integrating them into the company: if you still want some further information or insights, this is the right article. If, on the other […]

Everything you need to know about IP Ratings

Considering that many manufacturing processes involve high heat, powerful washes, dust, oil, and other potentially harmful conditions, it is essential to have a means of indicating the degree to which individual components can withstand their respective operating environments. In fact, the standardization of these qualities has become an issue of international importance. The acronym IP […]

1. Industrial PCs: What is it and How can it help you achieve your goals

The fundamental concept of the industry still remains unchanged but the various manufacturing techniques and processes are constantly undergoing improvements through the introduction of automation and computer systems. Very often, there are industrial PCs (or IPCs) at the center of the productivity process to optimize the chain, control and increase productivity while resisting harsh environments. […]

1. Industrial Automation: The Complete Guide on the Subject and How it can help you

To solve industrial automation problems, industries use the ever-changing technologies in control systems in search of increasingly efficient manufacturing or production processes. These control systems need to be of high quality and reliability. New trends in industrial automation deal with the latest devices and communication protocols to control field devices like control valves and other […]

1. Industrial Automation: What is it and How it can help you achieve better solutions?

Can you imagine an automaker having to produce one car at a time, completely manually? It would be something complex and time-consuming, right? Therefore, we can say that industrial automation is essential for factories, not just the automotive or large ones, as it is a true solution for companies in general, increasing productivity and efficiency. […]

What is an industrial computer and Why you should buy one

An industrial computer is a computer designed for use in industrial settings. Computer specifications and OS (Operating System) are not different from general OA PCs, but various functions are added considering the harsh factory environment. 1. Environment of industrial sites A typical environment that requires industrial computers is a production plant. It’s very easy to […]

Key Features of Industrial Computers and Why you should have one

An industrial computer is a computer designed for use in industrial settings. Although the specifications and operating system (OS) of the computer are not different from those of a general office computer, it is a computer with various functions added in consideration of the harsh factory environment. Essential Requirements for Industrial Computers Overcoming the harsh […]