Who we are

We are the #1 North American manufacturer of certified industrial computers for harsh environments.

Trusted by +500 companies

How we started

In 1994, we began with a vision to address the need of rugged computers for use in industrial automation applications and firefighting.

Since then, Acura Embedded has positioned itself as a holistic rugged devices designer and manufacturer with an extensive products and solutions portfolio.

Today, Acura Embedded produces more than 15 industrial solutions including Panel PCs, Brick PCs, Explosion Proof Cameras, Monitors, and many other products.

How we

Innovation has always played an important role in developing our products.

That is why throughout the years, we have evolved and grown as technology has advanced.

Old Panel PC (1996)

Old Mini PC (2000)

Panel PC (2014)

New Mini PC (2022)

New Panel PC (2022)