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Mini PC: what is the best one to choose for your home office

Mini PC: how and which one to choose for your home office Is space still short on the worktable? See the top tips on how to choose a mini-PC Size is not a document — also for computing. Mini PC models are getting smaller and smaller, but that doesn’t mean they’re delivering less performance. For […]

The Best Industrial PC

The Best Industrial PC In Acura, we take equipment longevity seriously. Our IPC enables engineers to explore manufacturing opportunities using big data and IoT initiatives without compromising the traditional reliability, robustness, and long-term availability needed to maximize machine uptime for as long as it takes. Our IPC uses only Intel industrial CPUs that can guarantee […]

The best rugged PC

The best rugged PC Modern software and data architectures are driving new demand for flexible, scalable, off-the-shelf industrial computing hardware. Compared to traditional embedded systems or proprietary “appliance” type devices, the combination of industrial PC + modern software offers clear advantages to users that need greater customization, interoperability, and scalability. What makes industrial PCs so […]

Why rugged PCs are important

Why rugged PCs are important to businesses. It is common for managers to think that high-performance computers are needed only in the IT sector, but, in many cases, even the company’s programming area does not have robust machines. However, in addition to the IT sector, which needs agility to do its work, other areas need […]

Elementor #13156

Resistant computers The most important feature of the laptop is its durability. If you’re working outdoors, in a production area, or in an environment where it tends to get dirty, you’ll want a team that can handle it all. Fortunately, several brands make computers that are stronger than those in common use. The best? That the quality […]

Waterproof Computers

Waterproof Computers Our industrial computers are the solution to simplify and centralize your operations. They are ideal for managing operations in a paperless environment. They allow you to collect and process data of all kinds for the performance of tasks and others. The majority of our industrial computers are fanless and are completely waterproof. You, therefore, do not […]

What are some features that make a computer rugged?

Design: What are some features that make a computer “rugged?” 1. The processor. This ultra-powerful electronic chip is like the brain of your computer, of which it directly determines the speed. For an interesting performance, opt for an Intel i5 to i7 or AMD Quad Core A8 processor of at least 3 MHz.  2. The hard drive. This […]

Industrial PC Canada, How it works and how it can help you achieve your goals?

Industrial PC Canada PCs are roughly divided into industrial ones and consumer ones. What is the difference between industrial PCs and consumer PCs? We will explain what an industrial PC is, the features of the industrial PC and how it is used, and explain why the market size of the industrial PC is expanding. What […]

Industrial computer repair

Industrial Computer repair Conditions industrial PCs are used in Industrial PCs are the lifeline that is directly linked to the production activities of companies. Renewal requires enormous cost and time, and unexpected troubles must be avoided at all costs. Even though it is a highly durable industrial PC, PCs used in harsh environment of factories […]

Sealed industrial computers

Problems with dust  Dust can be one of a computer’s biggest enemies. It can penetrate the cogs of a machine, block filters, and air vents. Therefore, over-insulation can cause electronic components to short circuit.  Dust is one of the main causes of early computer failure. It is therefore important to protect personal computers in dusty […]