Mining Solutions

The best technology to help your team working in harsh environments. Well-tested and certified for use in mining sites and vehicles.

Measurement And Control

With the use of our customized PowerBrick and Panel PC systems, you can integrate sensors, camera recorders and upload live video automatically to the control room directly from the field. Control your mining machines with live information and top of the line technology.

Surveillance Solution

Keep your mining field safe and secure without the need for large fences, using our smart surveillance technology AcuVision to spot smoke, flame, fire, movement, and create a “Virtual Fence’ and “Safety Zone” to alert security instantly during incursions or emergencies.

Networked Vehicles

With Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) and vehicle-mounted touchscreen computers, keep track of every vehicle in the mining field and have them all interconnected by Wi-Fi and/or 4G/LTE.