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Customize Your Computing System

Choose from more than 200 customization options to build the perfect industrial-grade computer for your application. You can also check our existing inventory of certified pre-built systems for shorter lead times.

Build a Custom System

Choose from more than 200 customization options to build the perfect industrial system for your application. Or check our existing inventory of pre-built/pre-certified systems.

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Trusted by 500+ companies.

Developing computing solutions for a variety of industrial applications.

Certified for use in tough environments.

After customizing your system, we can handle the entire certification process. Let us know which certifications are required and we will get your product certified in a few months. 

Hazard Locations
Our industrial grade products are specifically designed for use in Hazardous environments.
For All Your Certification Needs
Many different HazLoc certifications are internationally required. We provide IECEX, Class 1 Div 1, Class 1 Div 2 Zone 2, CSA/UL, and more for different types of products: Panel PC's, IPC's, Monitors, Tablets and Cameras.
Already Certified

Industrial Grade Components

High Quality Parts
We utilize the newest, high-quality industrial-grade components to construct our systems to perform flawlessly in severe temperatures and challenging environments.

Compact and Powerful

Lightweight + High Performance
Our fanless computing solutions are designed without any internal moving parts to reduce weight, aid with heat dissipation, and ensure high performance levels.

Mining Technology Suite

Trailing Cable Management Solution
Advanced Sensor Technology Designed to Improve Trailing Cable Safety, Visibility, and Shovel Up-time for Open-Pit Mines.
A Hardware and Software Product Suite
Utilizing Acura Embedded's rugged systems aswell as our rugged designed trailing cable sensor to withstand the harsh environments of an open-pit mine. Our specifically designed data tracking, dashboard and API provides real-time mine operation details.

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For standard customization and shorter lead times, we carry pre-built systems that are ready to ship worldwide. 


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How we helped so many companies since 1994

Over the last years, our specialized team have helped more than 500 companies to find the perfect industrial computer.

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