Build your Panel PC

We are the #1 North American manufacturer of certified industrial computers for harsh environments.

your size

Choose the size of your Panel PC from 10″ to 22″, 4:3 or Widescreen.

Choose your processor

Each can be configured with the Intel Celeron, i5 or i7 processor and offers unprecedented levels of performance. 

Choose your ports

Choose from waterproof,
hybrid, and regular connectors.

Integrate your boards

Built with integrated pressure decoder, our Panel PC adapts itself to your project’s requirements.

your cables

A variety of more than 50 cables options with customized lengths.

Use it anywhere

Whether it’s from -40 to 60˚C, use it in
dust, humidity, snow, and much more.

Use it anytime

With 1,000 nits brightness, it’s perfect
for indoor and outdoor use. 

Premium quality

All Acura products are built with premium components and trusted to be the best ones in the market.

Made in Canada

Acura is a proudly Canadian company that focuses on creating premium products to suit every need of companies from various industries.

Excellence guaranteed

Acura offers 3 Years Warranty with every purchase or a Free 30 Days Trial if you wish to see it for yourself.

Certified all around

Approved and certified in C1D2, CSA, UL, IECEX
and ATEX II which are used by most industries.

Rugged accessories

Choose from a variety of more than 50 cables options with customized lengths, and other accessories.

Rugged Cables

Heavy Duty Case

Mounting Bracket

Mag Antenna

900 MHz Antenna