Our products are designed and manufactured in North America to provide quality and reliability for your crucial projects.


Panel PCs & brick computers that are ideal for the world of manufacturing.  These solutions assist industrial machines in factories so that the manufacturing processes can be carried out with minimal human intervention. Benefits of manufacturing automation include leaner operation processes, less energy requirements, less wasted material and labor.


Industrial computing solutions have been utilized for very functions in rail, marine, in-vehicle, and fleet management functions. We design and manufacture custom solutions that are resistant to excessive vibration and shock. They have been used by the military, emergency services, public transportation, and privately-owned fleets.

Warehouse Management

Acura’s Panel PCs and HMI’s have been used in several warehouse companies like Purolator, to sort and automate various tasks such as product weight, numbering and others. Our solutions improve efficiencies, optimize labor, and enhance inventory management.

Agriculture & Food Service

Acura’s HMI’s and Panel PCs are perfect for the agriculture and food industry. Utilized in greenhouse automation, bakery automation, autonomous tractor vehicles, and poultry farms. Our industrial computing solutions help to increase both productivity and safety. Automation increases the yield and rate of production, therefore reducing costs for end-users.