You probably already know this, but an Industrial PC is a very different machine from what you are used to seeing in personal computers, perhaps not in processing power but in what it provides us in our workspace. But so that you can understand it better, we have selected a series of key characteristics that stand out when choosing an Industrial PC and why you should opt for one.

industrial pc

An industrial PC is built to last.

While an ordinary PC is made with the idea that it will have to be changed in a relatively short period of time (3-4 years on average), an Industrial PC is designed to last as long as possible. To give you an idea, the average life of an industrial PC is approximately 20 years, 5 times more than that of a normal PC.

Commercial PC materials are much lighter and use plastic that degrades much more easily. On the other hand, the components of an industrial PC are much more resistant, since they use materials such as steel and aluminum, which greatly extends their useful life.

An industrial PC withstands the adversities

The components of a normal PC need to be treated with care, they are vulnerable to a lot of external conditions that can damage them or make them work worse, such as dust or humidity.

With an industrial PC the opposite happens, they are designed to survive in the most adverse environments without problems. Its design resists high temperatures, dust, vibrations, shocks, and even humidity.

These qualities are important when we need a resistant PC, and we won’t have to worry about its maintenance.

The price between both is similar

Many people believe that an industrial PC is much more expensive than a normal PC, but this is not true. As you can see in our catalog of industrial computers, the prices are very similar. What’s more, if you calculate the long-term investment, it is much less, since having a much longer useful life and being more resistant, what you will spend will be much less than what you would have invested buying a normal PC.

Lower energy consumption

We must not forget in the equation that electricity consumption is a very important part of today since we are aware that the price of electricity is something that increases every year and affects our pockets.

For a team that is going to be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this becomes a priority, since the savings are considerable. Commercial PCs usually consume at least 300w, when we talk about an industrial PC, we are talking about a consumption between 35w and 60w. Throughout the year, this difference is very significant, and it is something that we notice in our checking accounts.


Less energy consumption means less heat; therefore, they need fewer elements to cool them, which saves us noise. Our industrial computers are completely fanless, that is, they do not have fans or mechanical parts, which makes them very quiet computers that you will not even notice that they are turned on.

This also has another added advantage, and that is that they take up much less space, so you can place it anywhere you need without it getting in the way.

Expandable and high connectivity

Another detail to highlight, and quite important, is that if you need more storage capacity or your industrial network requires high-connectivity work, you can always expand its features and adapt them to your needs at all times. Given the general characteristics, an industrial PC allows a high modification in any situation, making it the most multifunctional tool for you.

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