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WHAT IS AN INDUSTRIAL COMPUTER? Think of an Industrial Computer (IPC: Industrial PC) as a desktop computer: they both share many technical features and functionality: kind of microprocessor and RAM, storage units, interface ports, performance, etc. However, an Industrial PC is a more robust system, more suitable for use in a workshop environment. WHAT DISTINGUISHES […]

What is an Industrial Computer and How can it help you achieve your goals?

What is an Industrial Computer? Industrial PCs are a small branch of computers, which are mainly used in harsh industrial environments to operate stably and safely. Provide the best solution for human-machine interface and production process control. Industrial computers are not very different from commercial computers in terms of internal hardware. They consist of a […]

Understand what industrial automation is and its benefits

The question often arises about what industrial automation is. This is because this is a very broad question, which involves several areas. Automation is part of the technological transformation, which allows us to go further and further. Many technologies encompass these processes and are constantly being improved to make production activities even easier. In this […]

5 examples of industrial automation and how it can help you achieve your goals

Industrial automation can make processes more efficient and cost-effective. Discover 5 examples! Industrial automation is an increasingly strong trend for industries of different segments and sizes. Automating processes can make them faster, more efficient and more cost-effective. Its use involves a number of tools. Various control systems incorporate different devices and systems that affect all […]

5 Reasons WHY an Industrial PC would help you achieve your goals

5 Reasons to Buy an Industrial PC NOW You probably already know it, but an Industrial PC is a very different machine from what you are used to seeing in personal computers, perhaps not in processing power but in what it provides us in our workspace. But so that you can understand it better, we […]

Industrial computers: How can they help you achieve your goals

Industrial computers: say goodbye to frequent maintenance Have you ever heard of industrial computers? They feature robustness and quality, reducing the need for constant replacement, frequent maintenance and unexpected downtime due to equipment failure. We already know that electronic equipment tends to degrade quickly in environments with a lot of dust, high and low temperatures, […]

What is a mini PC how can it help you achieve your goals?

What is a mini PC and what is this type of computer for? With reduced dimensions and attractive price, Mini PCs can be a good option according to your usage needs. They are small, compact, and still arouse many people’s curiosity about their usage capabilities. The Mini PC is a good option when buying a […]

What are Panel PCs and How they can help you achieve your goals

What are Panel PCs and What are your characteristics? Definition of a Panel PC The Panel PC is an industrial PC integrated with a touch screen monitor for easy handling and improved speed of execution. This equipment is “all in one” which makes it much easier to install since there are fewer cables and a […]

Industrial Computers. Here’s what you can accomplish with them.

Industrial Computers. Why do I need one? Computers are electronic machines that receive information (Data), process it according to a specific instruction, and deliver new information as a result. Simple like that. Is that so? Today we have a wide range of products available on the market. Some need to be installed in cabinets, refrigerated […]