An industrial computer is a computer designed for use in industrial settings.

Key Features of Industrial Computers

Although the specifications and operating system (OS) of the computer are not different from those of a general office computer, it is a computer with various functions added in consideration of the harsh factory environment.

Essential Requirements for Industrial Computers

  1. Overcoming the harsh environment
    The industrial environment is very poor compared to the general office environment. A design is required to withstand vibration, shock, dust, oil, and frequency changes in industrial sites.
  2. Customization (customized to customer)
    It should be possible to manufacture for the purpose of differentiated design and special functions according to customer needs in the industrial field.
  3. Maximize the economic effect
    Computer quality, durability, and safety are very important, such as whether there is high compatibility between industrial equipment, whether there is a possibility of affecting productivity due to computer failure, and whether product upgrade or A/S is convenient.

Key Features of Industrial Computers

  1. Standard NEMA/IP standard design for industrial environment – Reinforcement of reliability and durability
  2. ONE BOARD type ALL-IN-ONE design – easy to expand and maintain
  3. Use of durable steel frame
  4. All-in-one structure against shock and vibration
  5. Filtering to prevent dust ingress and cooling fan to prevent overheating
  6. Stable power supply (industrial power supply)
  7. Provide PC-based integrated solution based on industrial environment
  8. Customized production of various specifications according to customer requests – enhancement of expansion and compatibility