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22 Inch Hazard Location Surface System


22 Inch Hazard Location Surface System

The RoughNeck-22 is a Class 1 Division 2 certified Panel PC. This industrial grade Surface System integrates a high bright 22″ LED screen, lightweight and extremely durable. RoughNeck is the perfect solution for your MWD/LWD surface needs. Built with integrated pressure decoder.

IP65 - Front Panel
-20˚C to +60˚C
No Fan No Heater
Wireless Connectivity
4G LTE, WiFi, LoRaWan Options
Lightweight Aluminum
Or Magnesium Alloy Chassis
Custom Build

Already Certified

The RoughNeck 22 is Class 1 Division 2 and Class 1 Zone 2 certified. Our flagship customizable and upgradeable rugged panel PC is designed for the toughest environments.

IP65 - Front Panel

Designed For
Your Needs

The RoughNeck lineup is designed with a custom board integration space. allowing you to embed your own specific pressure decoders, modems, and boards directly into the system quickly and easily.

Built for Functionality
Dependable, customizable, upgradeable.
The Most Powerful Industrial Fanless System
Next generation Intel processors, weather-resistant, completely sealed with no moving parts.

The All-in-One Hazloc
Touchscreen System

With a Capacitive Multi-Touch screen, work with all your apps without the need of a keyboard in daylight or indoor environment.

Capacitive Multi Touchscreen
Optional High Brightness
Up to 1000 nits

Technical Specifications


Available in different sizes

15 Inches (4:3)

15.6W Inches

Need a different solution? Let's build together

Choose from more than 200 customization options to build the perfect industrial pc for your project. Talk with our team today and let’s build together.