Acura Embedded Systems

Tablet A140

Certified 15” Rugged Panel Computer

Tablet A140

Certified 14” Rugged Tablet

The Acura fully rugged a Class 1 Division 2 Certificate tablet A140 delivers exceptional performance, industry-leading security and a spacious 14″ display, with wide viewing angles, that provides more room to get things done, with less scrolling.

IP65 - Front Panel
-29˚C to +63˚C
Dual Batteries
Dual Batteries
Wireless Connectivity
Sunlight Readable

Already Certified

Our pre-built computers are certified for Class 1 Division 2 and most needed certifications in harsh environments.

Uncompromised Mobility

The A140 fully rugged tablet provides a host of convenient carrying and mounting options to adapt to the way you work.

Sunlight Readable
Brilliant 14” Display
Dual Batteries
Swap new batteries in and out without shutting down
AcuPanel 17
Tablet A140

Security Redefined

Experience a robust suite of security features, including multifactor authentication, to protect against malicious threats and intrusions.

Capacitive multi-touch screen
Power Supply
AC adapter (65W, 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz)

Technical Specifications

Available in different sizes

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