Acura Embedded Systems

AcuHawk EX camera with AcuVision Smoke/flame detection features

Acura surveillance solution, AcuraVision (or call: AcuVision) for hydrocarbon smoke/flame detection is being used by major oil companies monitoring hundreds of mile crude oil pipeline in western Canada. The pipeline is located in mountainous terrain close to populated urban and rural areas. The company’s goal was to ensure the safety of the public, the environment, and company assets through the implementation of a comprehensive video surveillance system from AcuVision. Of critical importance was the verification of actual conditions related to incoming smoke/flame alerts, increasing the accuracy of incoming information, and decreasing the time to analyze pertinent data from multiple sources.


AcuHawk EX SMOKE/FLAME Detection camera provides early smoke/flame detection for the company’s remotely controlled block valve stations, terminals, and metering stations. AcuVision camera management software along with AcuHawk EX PTZ cameras provides real-time remote surveillance with on-site recorded video, video clips on an alarm, as well as on-demand live video. This video and alarming have been integrated into the customer’s SCADA system, providing control room operators with a new type of process data (video) to analyze. AcuVision enables central operations personnel to:

  • visually verify smoke/flame when alerted,
    go back in time to analyze potential causes of smoke/flame,
    view live video from the site to determine safe areas for field engineers to  navigate, and
    view live video from the site to gain insight to better equip field personnel with needed materials for site visits.

Overall, AcuVision surveillance system provides important data the operator can use to ensure expedient and informed decision making.

  • Compliance with regulations required by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) was a major concern for the company. With the improved safety, security, and smoke/flame detection capabilities, AcuVision enhances compliance with PHMSA regulations and makes reporting more robust and significantly more comprehensive.

AcuHawk EX camera with AcuVision Smoke/Flame detection features