Best Industrials Computers

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HISTTON Powerful Industrial PC: Intel I7 – Windows 10 Pro

This PC is really ugly, but it’s also really powerful. With its Dual Core processor, and its SSD drive, it is absolutely fluid. Of course do not plan to play big 3D games with it, it is dedicated to “normal” work applications, calculations etc. But considering the fact that it doesn’t have a fan it will make a perfect silent desktop machine for an office suite and quiet internet surfing!

HISTTON Puissant Mini Ordinateur, Industriel PC sans Ventilateur, Intel Core i7 4500U, 8Go RAM 128Go SSD, 2xLAN, 2xCOM RS485, 4xCOM RS232, HDMI,VGA, Boîtier Métallique, Windows 10 Pro




2. Kingdel Intel I5 Dual Core – 4 USB Ports and 2 Network Sockets

This PC is already a little more visually appealing than the Hisston model cited above. Its main advantage lies in its 4 usb ports. In the end you will not need to buy an additional USB HUB . Its power is more than sufficient for home use (excluding video games). Its 2 antennas allow Optimal Wifi reception. It also has 2 RJ45 lan ports, if you want to set up a small private network, it is therefore a very interesting PC.


Kingdel® Powerful Mini Computer, Industrial Fanless PC, Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 2xNIC, 4xUSB 3.0, 4xCOM RS232, HD, metal case, Windows 10 Pro

3. OEM PC (unbranded): I7 processor, 2 Lan, 4 USB

Suffice to say that this PC is a real eye-catcher in terms of ports! All the ports are accessible on the front, it’s very ugly, but it’s also very practical. No need to bend over to know where to plug in your peripherals. Its dual core i7 processor is very fast for all types of applications. It has HDMI and VGA video outputs, enough to use an old monitor if you want (not too interesting but well). Its size is approximately 21cm x 15cm * 6cm high, which is much smaller than the computer image suggests.

Windows 10 Industrial PC, Fanless Mini Desktop Computer with Intel Core i7 4500U Dual Core Processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 4xCOM RS232, 2 x COM RS485, HDMI, VGA, Wi-FI, BT 4.0

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We can design and fully customize your next industrial computer.
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