Acura Embedded Systems

Certified ATEX Cameras for Hazardous Enviournments

Harsh and hazardous environments need more ATEX certified product not only computers but cameras as well.

  • ATEX IP66 surveillance camera

Explosion-proof IP camera integrated in an industry-leading NEMA 4X housing to handle even the most brutal environments. Without a heater and fan, it perfectly operates from -25°C to +70°C temperatures. Electro-polishing provides a microscopically smooth surface for low maintenance and a perfect appearance. The camera is also explosion-proof and meets the most rigorous standards like ExdII CT6. Right from the box, the camera is easy to set up and install, allowing you to focus on getting the job done. Built-in Micro-Step motor allows for 6° per second along with 360° continuous pan and tilt from 0° to 90° with integrated auto-flip.

  • ATEX 2 rugged panel computer with built-in DVR

Besides meeting the vigorous standards of ATEX 2 and IP65, video recording at the rigs and heavy duty trucks is becoming a necessity these days.  Built-in DVR computers can easily connect with CCTV and or other professional cameras.  It also allows the user to record multiple channels of video and is able to run demanding applications at the same time.


• Petrochemical Processing

• Oil and Gas

• Marine and Offshore

• Highly Corrosive Environments

• Extreme Temperature

• Wash-down Applications

• Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants

• Tankers and Tanker Depots

• Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals

• Fueling Stations

• Bulk Loading Stations

• Munitions Storage Depots

• Paint and Varnish Manufacturing Plants

• Grain Processing and Similar Industries

• Fertilizer Plants

Certified ATEX Cameras for Hazardous Environments