Faneless Computers for industrial Performance

Acura’s performance-optimized fanless computer, the PowerBrick 6.0CV, overcomes graphics-intensive tasks with enhanced visual processing power and multiple video streaming capability. Built for reliable performance in high electromagnetic, heated, and vibrating environments, the PowerBrick 6.0CV equipped augment heat sinks and anti-vibration damper to maximize performances and uptime. Also, enhancement in I/O numbers and throughput allow multi-camera imaging applications such as optical alignment, assembly inspection, and gauging in factory automation or multi-station surveillance systems.

Upgraded with Intel® Core™ 4th  socket-type processors, the fanless computer dashes the graphics performance and faster codecs than previous generation processors. Improved graphics and video codecs allow PowerBrick to conduct complex 2D, 3D visuals, which can better fulfill different speeds and precision of machine vision requirements. Multiple cameras support avoid blind spots while situational awareness allows operators or first responders to effectively and remotely respond to perceived threats.

In addition to fast visual performance, the fanless computer provides paired reliability for electromagnetic environments such as power stations, railways and metros, oil and gas, and mining.  

For enhanced transmission throughput and expandability, the fanless computer not only increases I/O ports but also transmission throughput. Four GbE LAN and four USB ports streamline high-speed cameras for enhanced accuracy and productivity while GbE LAN also allows for high-speed Internet access. Four mini-PCIe expansion slots simplify integration with add-on cards, storage, peripherals, and GPS/4G/Wi-Fi connection while boosting higher data loads for quicker video data transmission.