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Industrial Automation

Today, we are in an era where the population is increasing and we are always racing against time. As a result, efficient industrial production has become more vital than ever.  Acura Embedded Systems is a leader in manufacturing industrial PC solutions for factory automation and manufacturing applications.  The industrial computers designed at Acura Embedded Systems are all set to assist the large and small scale mobile computing solutions in a variety of applications. Our industrial automation systems perform expeditiously and last for a longer time in both the fixed and mobile environments. Manufacturers are constantly under pressure to increase their productivity without compromising on the level of quality.  Even manufacturers set up in areas of low labor costs are focussed on enhancing the sophistication of their automated systems because they are aware of the fact that failure to do so would imperil their position in the global economy. Our industrial automation systems and components will help you to attain your manufacturing goals in the timeline.

At the heart of industrial automation is a new generation of ruggedized mobile computers and touch screen monitors which are used not only in commercial businesses but also in heavy industries. At Acura Embedded Systems, we understand that time is money for manufacturers, and our efficient production line runs as fast as possible to achieve a level of quality which is acceptable and satisfactory to help increase output. The industrial computers are designed in such a way that they incorporate all the factory floors and enterprise applications by providing Ethernet-enabled technologies to increase productivity. It is necessary to invest in industrial computers which are extremely efficient and are procured to perform even in the harshest situations. Our industrial PC’s are designed in a manner to withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, moisture etc. So, you can be rest assured that your system will be always up and running without any downtime. Our Industrial PC’s facilitate in flexible development for any physical environment. They are highly dependable and robust for 24×365 operations. Industrial PC’s and computers designed are easily upgradable so that you are always in tune with latest technology.

We are proud that we serve in the diversity of markets, and have a long tradition of serving some of the world’s most demanding enterprises. Our key ingredients, thereby being reliability, strength and innovation in every product offering and we strive to serve our clients better each day.


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