Acura Embedded Systems

Today’s industrial supply and distribution system will be more emphasis placed on how to achieve a high degree of a continuous and stable supply of electricity, humane equipment, and maintenance management, based on the situation and characteristics outlined above, Acura to create a well-developed industrial computer PowerBrick 6, with fast data transfer, backup, and input, anti-dust, low-radiation, anti-interference, electromagnetic compatibility, anti-vibration characteristics. Which products passed CE FCC certificate, stable and reliable quality, can be widely used in electric power automation, steel metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery and electrical equipment, medicine and food, CNC machine tools, industrial furnaces and other industrial fields, as well as military and scientific equipment and other harsh field of the environment.

Industrial computer system requirements:

 Natural disasters are difficult to prevent, earthquakes, snowstorms, floods, hurricanes, etc. of the event, will result in varying degrees of loss, interruption of a power system, will directly affect the rescue and relief work, and therefore the power requirements of industrial automation systems require computer processing capability stable performance, easy to maintain and upgrade and dust, low radiation, anti-interference, electromagnetic compatibility, anti-vibration characteristics.

System solutions:

Acura industrial computer PowerBrick 6 rackmount industrial computer, designed for on-site energy systems and industrial applications. Unique single door design, configuration chassis panel lock, chassis front panel provides the system power and reset buttons, the system status LED indicators to show power, hard disk operation. An advanced cooling system with a dual ball-bearing fan provides sufficient airflow to the main components of the cooling system. Thereby significantly reducing the supply of power interruption time, external USB, serial, parallel, audio, PS / 2 keyboard, RJ-45 Ethernet port and VGA interface can be connected to various external devices for data transfer, backup and input. Ensure a good system flexibility and scalability to easily access other third-party electrical equipment.  Anti-dust, fast, low-radiation, anti-interference, strong electromagnetic compatibility and other characteristics of the power system can guarantee the normal work stations remain long in the face of natural disasters.

Industrial Computer for Automation