Industrial Computer repair

  • Conditions industrial PCs are used in

Industrial PCs are the lifeline that is directly linked to the production activities of companies. Renewal requires enormous cost and time, and unexpected troubles must be avoided at all costs.

Even though it is a highly durable industrial PC, PCs used in harsh environment of factories need to be inspected more frequently than usual. In addition, if maintenance is not required, it will eventually reach the end of its life, including consumable parts.

  • Maintenance of PCs

Also, because it does not break easily, the manufacturer’s maintenance has already been completed untouched, replacement parts are not available even if we try to handle it in-house, we are considering a maintenance request, but an expensive estimate. It may be difficult to get started because of this.

We utilize the industrial PC / general PC maintenance, data recovery technology, etc. that we have cultivated so far to provide accurate and inexpensive repair and maintenance services.

In addition, even if it is difficult to take out the PC body and parts due to circumstances, we are good at flexible response utilizing the know how of on site repair response cultivated through various visit support. When considering failure response and preventive maintenance. Please feel free to contact us.