Acura Embedded Systems

Industrial Computers for Heavy Duty Trucks

Cranes, earthmovers, cement and dump trucks, heavy farm equipment, and other heavy machinery are vital for industry and construction, but they’re expensive to run and maintain. With Acura’s industrial computer systems onboard, however, planning, deployment, maintenance, and safety are made easier and more efficient—with real results on the bottom line.

Loud or remote equipment can be hard to reach by voice alone, so Acura’s industrial computers provide onscreen messaging to relay detailed instructions or a change of plans over a wireless connection. And operators have information at their fingertips, whether it’s a pesticide map or fertilizer schedule for a farm machine, equipment diagnostics for a dredging operation, or the GPS coordinates that guide a road crew to where they’re needed. Safety is always an issue, so Acura’s industrial computers can be configured to require verification of training and the certification status of operators. Security protocols help minimize risk and liability on the site.

Customize your Acura industrial computer system for the equipment and the job. In-cab hardware options include sunlight-readable screens for improved visibility outdoors. Our screen-blanking feature ensures operator safety by making it impossible to view the computer screen while operating the equipment. Equipment voltages, screen sizes, connection, and input/output, and mounting options are available for almost any type of heavy equipment, and our rugged computers are always reliable in the toughest conditions. Join the many companies who already turn to Acura for the industrial computers, rugged products, and services that make heavy equipment yield the best possible value.

AcuPanel 12” Key features:

  • Ruggedized and versatile enough for any onshore or offshore application
  • Integrated Intel Cedar Trail Dual Core (1.6Ghz) Processor
  • High brightness (1200 nits) and LED Backlit display
  • -40ºC to 65ºC Standard Operating Temperature
  • 100mm VESA Mounting Pattern, Panel Mount, or Rig Mount
  • NEMA 6, IP67 Rating
  • MIL-810G Shock standard
  • AcuVision Surveillance Systems
  • Class 1 Division 2 certified (optional)
  • 8-30V DC Input for Vehicles

Industrial Computers for Heavy Duty Trucks