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Industrial Computers that help our men on the fields

Industrial panels are only used primarily for big industries and are rarely seen in homes. Used to power high-end equipment, some of these industrial panels can take the pressure off of as many as 12 working cranes at a time. Many of the smaller individual manufacturing companies also use smaller industrial panels to work their heaters, lighting, pump loads, and motors.

The 5531, IBM’s first industrial PC was born on 21st May 1985 and has since created a huge buzz in the industrial market while also playing a key role in the development of industries. Industrial computers are compatible with all types of monitors, from marine monitors to rugged and from high bright monitors to industrial themselves. Used primarily for data acquisition, it is simply another tool used for the distribution process. It can be written with custom software. Industrial computers are better than consumer computers since they are more reliable and provide more flexibility of usage while having a long life and multiple expansion options.

High bright monitors are mostly used on the battlefields, where the troops on the ground, in the air, or over/ under the water have to work in various light conditions and need something that can be used in both bright and dark situations. Mostly mounted on vehicles along with vehicle-mounted computers, these monitors are mainly seen on land since it is mostly sunny and dusty which makes it nearly impossible for a soldier to get an accurate reading of the data. For this purpose, a high bright monitor is often paired with a rugged monitor or a marine monitor that is then linked to an industrial computer or rugged computer and then to the industrial panels.

Along with rugged computers, industrial displays, and industrial computers; marine monitors are widely used as a reliable source for storing information. A monitor that is able to operate under the harshest of maritime environments, marine monitors are the number one monitors used in naval ships and submarines as they are shock resistant, sturdy, and waterproof. There is a strict certification process that these monitors have to clear, with factors tested such as the size of the monitor, which ranges from 3.5 inches to 57 inches, the design, spec and color, the dim light and low light functions, etc.

Industrial Computers that help our men on the fields