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Industrial panel computers in power automation system

he grid interconnection of the 21st century has been rapid development, and with the continuous expansion of the power system, the power grid equipment, management, technical support of the electricity market, as well as environmental technology and higher requirements.

Today’s industrial supply and distribution system will be more emphasis on how to achieve a highly continuous and stable supply of electricity, humane equipment, and maintenance management, based on the situation and characteristics outlined above.

Acura Embedded creates a well-developed industrial computer AcuPNL 15SS, with anti-dust, anti-vibration, anti-interference, low-radiation, and run fast, strong electromagnetic compatibility. With stable and reliable quality, it can be widely used in electric power automation, steel metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery and electrical equipment, medicine and food, CNC machine tools, industrial furnaces, and other industrial fields, as well as the harsh environment and scientific research in the field of military equipment and the like.

Natural disasters are difficult to prevent. Earthquakes, snowstorms, floods, hurricanes, etc. of the event, will result in varying degrees of loss, interruption of power system. And it will directly affect the rescue and relief work, and therefore the industrial automation systems require computer processing capability stable performance, easy to maintain and upgrade and work well in harsh environment.

Acura Embedded industrial panel AcuPNL 15SS rack mount computer, designed for on-site energy systems and industrial applications. With stainless steel chassis, without fan and heater, IP65 water-resistant and dustproof, -40° to 70°C operating temperature, the system works well in most harsh environments. The system could connect through rich I/O: USB, serial ports, parallel ports, RJ-45 Ethernet port, and VGA interface to various external devices for data transfer, backup, and input. Furthermore, thanks to its capabilities of anti-dust, anti-interference, fast, low-radiation, strong electromagnetic compatibility guarantee power system station can long lime run normally even if encountered natural disasters.A

Industrial Panel Computers in Power Automation System