Mini Industrial PC

High reliability, no fans, no noise, energy-efficient, durable compact PC design a large variety of demanding applications. No cooling fan designed rugged extruded aluminum chassis acts as a heat sink to dissipate internal heat and provide noiseless operation. Thanks to the microcomputer rugged design, compact size, and high functionality come into effect.

Acura Embedded rugged fanless mini-PC series is designed for those who need a compact size, unique durability, reliability, performance, and general industrial applications. These characteristics make them ideal for the rugged computer like manufacturing, industrial automation, medical, semiconductor, food processing, machine control scenarios, desktops, and laptops are not feasible but require high processing performance applications.

The main advantages:

Small size: All Acura Embedded rugged mini PC is smaller than A4 paper;

Durability: All those rugged mini PC is highly integrated, fanless design makes it quiet operation, no additional maintenance just like normal fat computers; rugged cabinet can take extreme pressure and temperature;

Low power consumption: The 12V power supply, most of the power consumption is only 15W, save more than 80% power compared with 150W consumable level PC;

General Performance: Acura Embedded Rugged Mini PC is compatible with almost all popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux and fulfills different environments for all types of requirements.