Acura Embedded Systems

Mobile Data Terminals for Vehicles

Acura Embedded System has been a mobile solutions provider for over 20 years. We develop and design integrated solutions for vehicle environments.

The ability to integrate technologies improves overall efficiencies and allows for adding new solutions to existing technology while saving significant dollars over the long term. The on-board computer is the foundation of your mobile technology suite upon which you could add and integrate complementary technologies.

Acura Embedded on-board PCs are suitable for public safety and commercial fleets and depending on your needs. You can integrate other mobile technologies.

Our mobile technology includes: on-board video surveillance which is expandable up to 16 cameras, affordable full fleet license plate readers, body worn video cameras, tablets, and a cloud-hosted vehicle tracking solution that utilizes Google Maps.

Choose Acura Embedded Systems as your sole provider for integrated mobile technology suite. To learn more, visit us at

Mobile Data Terminals for Vehicles