Acura Embedded Systems

On-board computer for city management

Acura Embedded fanless onboard rugged computer and rugged monitor have anti-shock and vibration, dustproof and solid design.  It can be used in any harsh and extreme environment. Typical applications and logistics services, as well as fleet management, such as trains, buses, taxis, public transport, garbage trucks, fire engines, and police patrol vehicles. 

  • The Power Management

For the automotive industry, “intelligent power management” is to prevent data loss in the power off essential characteristics. Our onboard computer also has GPS, 4G/LTE, wireless LAN, camera, and ticket vending machines for your expansion needs.  In addition to strong features, Acura Embedded fanless rugged computers and monitors achieve ISO, IEC, EMC, CE, FCC, E13 mark standard. They can provide reliable and durable solutions to meet different application requirements.

By the kiosk, self-service becomes more popular and acceptable, a lot of product information and, sales and services can be achieved at low cost and non-disruptive supply. In addition to interact with each other to provide information, Kiosks (or ATM) can be settled in cash billing, ticketing, airplane ticket confirming, photo printing and other services non-stop operating 24/7 hours. It provides more convenience to consumers with a wide range of digital signage applications.   

  • Our Solution

Beside information on new products and commercial broadcasting, digital signage and Kiosk provide the final by a common method of interaction for user experience on new information. 

For these applications, Acura Embedded engage various solutions from SBC, embedded systems to human-machine interface and rugged panel PC for customers to accomplish applications. Our HMI / Panel PC produces high quality and stability on the kiosk / ATM platform.  For outdoor applications, Acura Embedded dustproof, anti-shock, fanless embedded system solutions matching most applications and environments.

  • Perfect for City Management

With growing urbanization, overpopulation in cities inevitably manages high pressure on waste and recycling authorities. So keeping our city clean is essential in civil issues. Multitasking computer can improve the deployment of garbage truck pick-up service. For example, route planning, weighing bridge control, material sales, and job scheduling are common tasks performed in waste management services. Although the garbage pick-up service for different customers takes time, the dispatching center can always arrange each garbage truck has a cost-effective way.

On-board Rugged Computer for City Management