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Panel PC IP67 Water/dustproof with Class 1 Division 2 Area Panel Computer

AcuPanel 12 Multi-Purpose & Water/Dust-Proof Panel PC series utilizes the Intel Cedar Trail Dual-Core  1.6GHz processor and SSD 4GB system memory. Low power consumption is one of the key features of these models. In addition, the units deploy flexible I/O connectors, which are IP-67 rated, water-proof connectors.  AcuPanel 12 models also support optional 10/100/1000Base-TX Ethernet functions to provide faster network communication. Class 1 Division 2 area certified with -40°C to 65°C operating temperature prepare the AcuPanel 12 for severe environments and harsh applications.

AcuPanel 12 not only offers anti-freeze protection & waterproof operation under inclement weather conditions but also a vandal-proof display for public venue applications. The LED optical bonding on the units allows for a low reflection and high contrast ratio to increase sunlight readability.

AcuPanel 12 CV series specially pre-installed industrial surveillance solution-AcuVision, with multi-detection features by connecting up to 4 cameras.  This design allows users to record multiple channels of video and still be able to run demanding applications at the same time.

AcuPanel 12 offer mainstream operating systems, such as Windows XP and Windows 7 Embedded for easy OS compatibility. The LED resolution of the AcuPanel  is 1024 x 768 with 16.2M colors and 1000 nits luminance.

Applications in harsh environments require low power consumption and high performance, which is ideal for AcuPanel Water-Proof Panel PCs. Industries such as Oil/Gas/Mining, Industrial Automation, Marine, Aviation, and outdoor kiosks could benefit from the entire AcuPanel Product line.


Oil/Gas/Mining Industry(Class I Division 2 certified)
Industrial Automation(with Built-in Digital Video Recorder)
Food Industry(IP67)
Outdoor KIOSK(IP67)

Panel PC IP67 Water/Dustproof with Class 1 Division 2 Area Panel Computer