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Power Dispatch Automatic system

The rapid development of power system needs advanced and efficient power distribution grids. Nowadays, almost all the power distribution grids at state, network, and provincial levels have been equipped with automatic power dispatch system. With such a system, power grids of all countries are connected. Internet/Intranet technology is a good choice for power plants adopting a new generation automatic power dispatch system. The design and development stage is usually based on the SCADA function, DA/DMS, AM/FM/GIS, and other subsystems as the extension functions constituting an integrated, networked, and multi-functional platform system.

The system hardware adopts the latest and highly reliable hardware technology of industrial computer as the system workstation and server hardware platform. The system software of automatic dispatch system deploys new-generation Microsoft Windows system. The database adopts high-performance business relation type databases like MS SQL Server, Oracle, and Sybase to standardize the software configuration. The system uses the excellent tool Microsoft office Excel for output, making the statement system more convenient to use. The software structure adopts client/server mode of network distribution type.

The system constructs a network structure with a network speed of 10/100/1000Mb/s, configures a dual-front-end station/data server, dual-controller workstation, information management workstation, smart multi-serial port, double-cut switches, modem rack, and satellite clock. An additional workstation can be added upon requirements.

Up-load information: Information from RTU firstly is demodulated by modem and then transmitted into double-cut switches. Then through double-cut switches, it is transmitted into two intelligent multi-serial ports simultaneously. Then from the two intelligent multi-serial ports, it is sent to two front-end stations/data servers separately. After processed and saved by the master front-end station/data server, the information is uploaded to the network. Finally, all workstations receive and process the information.

Down-load information: Information coming from the workstation is first transmitted to the master front-end station/data server for processing, and then transmitted to intelligent multi-serial ports, next, transmitted to the double-cut switch, finally, demodulated by modem and transmitted to RTU. Information transmitted to MIS network: Front-end station/data server offers hardware interface to MIS network, and transmits all the real-time and historical data to MIS network via that interface.

Transmits information to city power net dispatch system: Front-end station/data server processes the real-time information from every workstation, assembles the information that City Power Net Dispatch System needs in the required format and frame order, then transmits it to City Power Dispatch System through intelligent multi-serial ports and double-cut switches.

The system can be widely used in county or town level dispatch system. The system adopts Acura Industrial PC in the core of the front-end system as a hardware platform, which greatly enhances the stability of the system. The high performance and low cost of Acura Industrial PC provides the system with strong market competitiveness.

Power Dispatch Automatic System

Power Dispatch Automatic system The rapid development of power system needs advanced and efficient power distribution grids. Nowadays, almost all the power distribution grids at

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Power Dispatch Automatic System